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The socialite, model, and businesswoman Paris Hilton recently welcomed a son into the world with her fiance, Carter Reum. The name of the newest Hilton family member has finally been made public by Paris, after much anticipation from fans. We will examine the specifics of the name and its meaning in this post.

The Announcement of the Name:

Paris Hilton finally revealed the name of her son on social media after weeks of speculation. She published a touching image of her newborn boy wrapped in a blue blanket along with his name written in big, bold characters. She penned, “I adore you more than words could ever explain, my darling boy. Carter Liam Reum, my son, you are welcome to the world.”

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The Name: What Does It Mean?

The Carter name Carter Reum and Paris Hilton made a special and significant choice in Liam Reum. The meaning of the name Carter is “cart driver” and it is of English origin. While Liam is of Irish descent and signifies “strong-willed warrior,” German surname Reum translates to “calm and restrained.”

Naming Trends: A Look at the Popularity of the Name

Carter is the 25th most common boy’s name in the United States as of 2021, having consistently increased in popularity in previous years. In contrast, Liam has consistently been among the top names for boys over the previous ten years and will continue to do so in 2021, when he will be the top boy’s name in the country. Reum is not one of the most popular boy’s names in the United States right now since it is less popular.

The Significance of the Name in Different Cultures

The surname Carter has Scottish and English origins, and it is often used to refer to a cart or waggon driver. Jimmy Carter, a past president, is also connected to the name Carter in American culture. On the other hand, Liam is a well-liked name in Ireland, Scotland, and England and has Irish roots. It frequently brings to mind the actor Liam Neeson. The surname Reum is not connected to any specific cultural importance.

FAQs About the Name:

Q: Is Carter Liam Reum a popular name choice?
A: While Carter and Liam are both popular names for boys, the combination of the two, along with the less common surname Reum, makes it a unique and meaningful choice.

Q: Does the name have any cultural significance?
A: The name Carter has roots in English and Scottish cultures, while Liam has Irish roots. Reum is a German surname but is not associated with any particular cultural significance.

Q: Is the name gender-neutral?
A: No, the name Carter Liam Reum is a masculine name.


Carter Liam Reum is the name of Paris Hilton’s newborn baby, who she joyfully revealed to the world together with her followers. The couple’s affection for their kid and their wish to give him a distinctive and enduring character are reflected in the unusual and significant name choice. Carter Liam Reum, the newest member of the Hilton family, is certain to

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